Monday, May 14, 2007

Weaving Tales

Is it odd that I suddenly find myself encompassed with the desire to learn how to spin, dye and weave along with my knitting? Something about creating more things with fibers just appeals to me immensely. I think I may make that part of this summer's endeavors.

My socks are coming along, they should be done by Thursday. I'd say Wednesday, but I'm having minor eye surgery tomorrow and I may also have to frog the cuff of the left sock and kint it with larger needles.

My wonderful swap partner from the LJ Swap 4 sent me the pattern for Wicked so I've spent a lot of today browsing for yarn online. I'm thinking Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in the color Wine. Any thoughts?

Not much else for today; pictures when the socks-that-may-actually-be-wearable are done!

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Rie said...

Yes, there is a Rie Blog. There has been one since August, it had only been updated once until last night. And then I had transfer the blog to "new blogger" and that was a lot of fun... And now it says its birthday is May 2007, even though it's not.

But, yes, a Rie Blog.