Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Charms and Color!

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting my first colorwork! It's a washcloth/display piece for my best friend's eighteenth birthday, knit in cable cotton and it needs to be blocked, but it's done!

I got the letters from the Knitter's Alphabet and I probably could have just as easily duplicate stitched it, but I felt the need to try stranded colorwork, and it went pretty well!

Next up will be the twelfth Lizard Ridge square.

Today, before my follow-up eye appointment my mom and I stopped by Books-A-Million, where I picked up a copy of Alison Hansel's Charmed Knits

I've wanted it for ages, and it was between that and The Yarn Harlot's Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off! I really wanted both, but since the Potter Premieres are in July, I decided that Charmed Knits was more time-sensitive.

I really like most of the patterns in it; and the Hip House Scarf is going directly on my To-Knit list, and will be knit after the Lizard Ridge block, as I have yarn left over from the Gryfindor scarf I knit last year. After that will eventually be Hermione's Magical Knitting Bag, Hermione's Cable and Bobble Hat, the Quidditch socks and the Invisability Shawl. Also, probably, the Snitch tree ornament and Errol for my friends for Christmas. Also, eventually and ambitiously the Clock Blanket.

Some of the projects are a little out there for me, like Molly's Amazing Technicolor Housecoat, and of course I haven't any kids to knit for (my brother and nephew live in Florida. Not so much on the sweaters, although maybe an elf-hat at some point), but I think that's what makes the book well rounded.

I also really like that the yarns are mostly common and affordable; some from Knitpicks and a lot of Cascade 220, which is readily available at my LYS.

Overall, I'm VERY impressed!!!!!

We're heading off to south Florida on Friday, and I'm really hoping to make a couple of yarn crawls with my mom, and shall update then, of course!

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