Monday, May 21, 2007

Eight Things

I'm pretending like Purlesence tagged me cuz I wanna do it :D

1. I'm adopted. My parents used to take foster babies, and I was their forty-first. My mother says when she first saw me her thought was: how am I going to tell my husband that I want to keep this baby? A year later (a year and two months, actually) my adoption was finalized. I've always known that I was special and chosen. I always thought that when I was eighteen it would be a big deal to get my folder from Children's Home Society. I still haven't done it, even though I want to.

2. If a year can have a theme, I think the theme of my first year of college was: people and things are never going to be what you expect them to be. It's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just true. First impressions are not to be built on, because you will undoubtedly think people are different from who they are and be disppointed. Also, even when you think you know someone well, you may not. Life's like that and people are like that.

3. I feel like I'm still waiting for things to happen. I'm fairly happy with where I am, but I want to know where my life is going. I want so much out of life, and i'm afraid to never get it. Afraid that I'm wasting time. I'm eighteen, already. When did that happen?

4. Knitting is one, if not the only, craft that I can do. I have horrible fine motor skills and had ages of occupational therapy.

5. My childhood was filled with work with disability rights because of my mom's job, and I claim that I don't want to have anything to do with that when I grow up. Except that I do the Youth Leadership forum nearly every summer, and in my novels someone always seems to have some sort of disability. While my best friend wants to be a poli-sci major I feel like I'm fighting the battle for awareness. from a different side.

6. I'm eighteen. I've never been kissed. That scares me.

7. I'm very close to my mom. I don't know where I'll be if I ever lose her. Maybe it comes from growing up needing someone more than most kids, but I really do rely on her and love her very much.

8. My disability is called Dermatosparaxis, it's a form Ehlers Danlos causing easy bruising and tearing of the skin, soft tissue infections and low vision. It's a part of me, like my blonde hair, but also how I define myself some times. I'm a writer, a student, a knitter and I have a disability.


GaietyGirl said...

My neighbours daughter has Ehlers Danlos as well. She's 5 now, and her party trick is throwing both legs over her shoulders. Thankfully she has started receiving therapy in the last year, and she has come on so much.

Oh, and I didn't have my first actual boyfriend until I was in college, so don't worry ;)

eusebius said...

Oh man!! i just tagged you! Well, consider it done already ... and then read my blog and tag some other people :)

Robynn said...

Re 2: When I was in college I felt that not only did every year have a theme, each one had a signature colour. So I'm curious: what colour goes with surprises?

3: Hello. I'm 31, and I could have written that. I don't think you ever get over that feeling. Except - at around 30, you suddenly realise that things *have been happening* without you realising, and your life is actually shaping up all by itself (even if there's still so much mystery and ambition ahead). It's a really fantastic feeling. Look forward to it.

6: My first kiss was at 18. I know how you feel, but it's really not that big a deal. You're not as alone in that as you might think; and it will happen for you, when the time is right.

Nice to cybermeet you, Chelsey!