Sunday, April 1, 2007

Tales from the Frog-Pond

Meet sock.

(And his pals, Water and Bottle. Water is rolling on the table laughing at one of Bottle's witty jokes)

Sock thought he was a pretty cool guy. He chilled all over campus with his friends, the quadruplets Size 3 Needles and the Doodad who held the needles together.
What no one knew, not his friends, not the Nose-Pierced Knitter, no one but Sock himself, was that Sock had a terrible secret.

He hid it well, all through the time that he grew a cuff, and was dimly aware that eventually he'd have a heel, a foot and then a mate to call his own. He was very happy about this, and also did not want to disappoint the NPK, so he kept quiet.

Then a magical day came. The day Sock got a heel:

He was so excited! So excited that when the NPK decided to try him on, he forgot to hide his secret. It was that moment that led to all that was to come.

Sock, you see, didn't fit.

Oh, it wasn't his fault. The NPK simply hadn't cast on enough stitches, and he just couldn't stretch enough. Unfortunately, it didn't matter whose fault it was.... The truth was there.

Sock began to panic. And then he heard it. The sound that all knit objects on the needles fear.







That was it for Sock. He was unraveled. But not dead. Oh no. He lies in wait for the day that he will be cast on again, this time with more stitches. That day, however, will be several FOs in coming, due to the disappointment of Sock.


Michael said...

As heart-wrenching as the tale is, I have to admit, I was chuckling.

Rie said...

I enjoyed reading this muchly.