Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It's Thundering

First off: Amy, do you have a blog? It wouldn't let me view your profile, and I loved your comment!!

Funny.... When I was in high school I hated rain. And I don't like it, much, but I find that when I'm not involved in five minute class changes and getting in and out of Mommy's car I don't mind it so much, don't care so much about getting wet....

But I say this all from the safety of my room which I'm not leaving tonight.

Not so worried about my Shakespeare thing, because a bunch of people read their papers to the class instead of presenting an oral and handing in a paper to go with it. I can do better than that. But, since the worry is less I plan on spending the night writing to my Knitterly Swap Pen-pal, eating popcorn and watching House. I can do this in good conscience because

Yet Another Lizard Ridge Square Begun in Lieu of Sock is done!

Between Starbucks with Rie, at which I spilled her tea all over her..... and Knitting through Shakespeare class I got it done.

Speaking of Knitting through Class, I had the "OMB you knit in class?" with someone again today. Yes. I do. But only in the classes where if I did not my head would be on my desk and I would be bored out of my mind. In the classes where I don't have to take notes. I don't do things that require concentration. I answer questions. I am part of the discussion. If a professor asks me not to knit, I don't. I wait a good month of classes before I try, having staked-out which professors will be okay with it.

Power just flickered. Grr.

Anyway. Yes I knit in class. End of story.

Back to the Lizard Square. Through doing this I've learned a lot as to how to work with Noro. You have to choose your skeins carefully. The colors most obvious may not even end up in your square, you have to know when to break and pull out a strand of all one color, or else you have an entirely blue square. It's fun and challenging.

Rie knows a yarn store that's going out of business, so I think we're field-tripping there tomorrow! We're also gonna sit outside the cafeteria with some of my stuff to get people interested in our knitting club :D

Oh, and OMG guyz, check this out: Alison over at The Blue Blog is coming out with a book in May, with patterns inspired by Harry Potter. I am très excited! :D

That's all for today. Off to ponder: French homework before or after House?


eusebius said...

Definitely keep on KIPping in class! LOL, I've considered knitting during piano lessons, but I don't think that would work ;)

Your Lizard Ridge is going to be gorgeous. Hmmm, yet another project for the to-do list ...

Comment ça va? Si tu apprends le français, c'est peut-être temps de visiter le Canada ;)

eusebius said...

Magnifique, je vais attendre avec plaisir tes entrées blog pendant le voyage!!