Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The King Doth Keep His Revels Here Tonight

I love Shakespeare.

Seriously. How 'bout I just write papers on his plays for the rest of my life? Particularly Mid-Summer.

Sound good.

I mean, as a kid I think I just liked him because I was supposed to. I think I wondered even up to last week if I really liked Shakespeare, or I just thought I did. Mid-Summer was my favorite play because of King of Shadows by Susan Cooper more than for any real understanding of the show. It was the same with, say, Les Miserables and Notre-Dame de Paris (Links are to the books, both in English, me no speak French that good yet!). I liked them because of the musicals, or because I was supposed to. But when you really read them? There's so much there! It took my Drama teacher saying: "Like you need any help talking about Shakespeare!" to make me realize: she's right. I love it.

In Mid-Summer there's the fairies, their involvement in the human world, the father/daughter relationship, Titania's love for the boy versus Oberon, and then both of them being replaced by Bottom, as if she can only love one thing at once, one thing that is half-human. And their's Puck, who claims to only love the mischief, but it is he who at the end "will make amends".

So wonderful! Remind me of this at 1:30 tomorrow when I present.

Today I spent the whole day baby-sitting the printer for the lit mag, but instead of knitting (gasp! shock!) when I wasn't fighting with the machienery that hates me I looked at old yearbooks in the back of the publicaitons office. Fun! And amazing how much my school has changed. Entire buildings aren't here any more. The library was dorms for Pete's sake!

Then Rie and I went on a yarn crawl to The Purly Gates which is going out of business. Twenty-five percent off! I got these:

I only have twenty dollars in my account until next Friday, but whatever. I was hoping that they had Kureyon, but no such luck. That would be too easy.

Wow, I'm a nerd, my iTunes just shuffled to RENT in Dutch. Dutch, not that I speak it, sounds almost like English when you're not paying attention.

Anyway. Pretty yarns.

Speaking of Les Miserables, (look I was, a whole four paragraphs ago! PS. that link's to the musical!), check this out! Les Miserables, in peeps. Amazing. And since when did Borders and Amazon tie the knot? I didn't get to speak! I don't wanna forever hold my peace!

What I was saying earlier, about there being so much hidden in literature, that goes for music too. You hear a song every day, and then one day you suddenly listen to the music and BAM! amazingness! It's an amazing phenomenon.

Okay. Sleep now.

To sleep, perchance to dream.

Wait, wrong play.

"Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber'd here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream."

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eusebius said...

Woo hoo, Shakespeare rocks! Good luck on your presentation, let us know how it goes!

What is that rusty-red yarn? It's lovely.