Wednesday, August 8, 2007

FO: Lizard Ridge Afghan

Pattern from Knitty Fall 2006

Started: January 2007 Finished August 2007

Pattern Notes/Mods: I love this pattern, and the afghan is gorgeous! One thing I did differently, though, was lay the blocks out so that they flow down instead of across, because the afghan is larger that way. Also, i did a garter stitch edging with mitered corners to make the edge a bit more frame like. I sewed tbe blocks together with mattress stitch (Techniques with Thersea)

What I really love about this pattern is that each block is separate and thus each tells a story. There's one that I bought at my dad's in the spring. Three that Mom and I bought before she left me back at school. There's the one fro m my Secret Pal and the one I was knitting when my friends and I got coffee and knit.

On Ravelry, I have tons of blog entries devoted to this thing, because where ever I went a square went.

(complete yarn details here on Ravelry)

And now it's done. What's a girl to do with herself?


lsloane said...

The afghan looks terrific and that yarn...hmmmm, looks familiar. Where did ya get it? ;) I want to know how that process goes for you cuz I want to do the same BADLY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to bring it to camp!!! I hear it gets cold in the mountains,its really truly beautiful!!!

Susan said...

Beautiful! I hadn't thought about each square being a story, but that's very cool too! Do you think it would be easy to embroider something small in a square to help remember the occasion? Just a thought... ;)

Lesley said...

This is gorgeous! I'm so excited you finished it, I can remember when you started out.

You might have said elsewhere, but I don't big is it?

Anonymous said...

thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

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